5 Fun things to do in Denver

5 Fun things to do in Denver


There are many intriguing places, must-see tourist attractions, and top vacation sites in Denver. You’ll want to have a solid plan for where to go while you’re in this busy city because there are so many things to see on Spirit Airlines booking.

The Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens should be one of their first stops. This breathtaking oasis is spread across 24 acres and is adorned with breathtaking sights like multiple sculptures, pools, and various garden types. The coolest sculptures are the enormous, spiky red-and-yellow work titled Colorado created by glass artist Dale Chihuly or the one by Deborah Butterfield showing a naked horse.

The Mordecai Children’s Garden, a Japanese garden, and xeriscaped drought-resistant areas are all excellent choices for charming gardens. Book a Spirit airlines ticket and enjoy this immense beauty.

Coors Field

Coors Field is one of the most fun places in Denver to visit if you’re looking for a stadium that’s appropriate for the whole family. The Colorado Rockies, a beloved Major League Baseball team, call this field their home field.

Coors Field is a stadium with a 76-acre footprint with more than 50,000 seats. The Rocky Mountains tower above you if you’re fortunate enough to sit in the right-field or first-base sections, providing a stunning vista to enjoy while watching the game.

Colorado Highway

On Colorado Highway 5, there is a breathtaking place to go sightseeing called the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. If you don’t feel like hiking, it’s a terrific way to enjoy some breathtaking vistas without exerting yourself. One of the best sites to visit in the region is the road, which is only open at specific periods of the year. Book spirit airlines flightto capture good pictures in beautiful views of this place.

The Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is directly next door to the Clyfford Still Museum, equally deserving of your time while in this Colorado city. It has a staggering 3,200 works made by the famous abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still. Beginning with his early sketches from the 1920s to his more well-known canvas masterpieces created back in the 1950s, the Clyfford Still Museum honors some of Still’s most cherished works.

As you can see, vibrant bursts of color and various educational placards make things clear and engaging.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

One of Colorado’s best amphitheaters is the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The stunning red sandstone rocks surrounding it have given it a natural amphitheater design that has earned it a reputation for being incredibly attractive. From spring to fall, Denver offers a variety of entertaining acts, including musical events and movie screenings. Even better, performances occur in the arena regardless of the weather, and nearly every seat is comfortable.

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