Consideration of UGCS for DJI software.


What do you understand by UGCS?

It is a user-friendly software that is used to successfully plan and fly drone survey missions. Alongside advocating at almost any UAV platform, UGCS offers suitable tools for linear and aerial surveys, that allow direct control of drones. By utilizing photogrammetry technology, professional land survey mission planning is also been provided by UGCS for DJI.

Why should you think about UGCS for DGI software?

To set up the link between the DJI drone and UGCS for the desktop, software plays a crucial role. If you desire to fly the drone in a Click-Go mode or have the desire to upload and carry out an earlier planned mission, then there are no other alternatives than them. For manual fittings of DJI drones or for capturing photos and videos a stand-alone application has been utilized.

Crucial benefits of UGCS at an inexpensive rate: –

• Saves times and money: – In comparison to competitive market lower rates, UGCS is very much compatible with almost all kinds of drones. So, you do not have to go for the search of varied software. The manufacturer offered KML data with the import and route formation, which will be going to save half of your time. Hence, you are going to save a lot of your money and time.

• Enhances inspecting effectiveness: – With the in-built automated photogrammetry planning tool, you can enhance the data capture effectiveness roughly about 2 times. Furthermore, if you are in a remote area with no internet facilities, you can still plan and fly your missions, by the inbuilt map caching capabilities, UGCS software comes at nominal rates. Restarting flights from a certain landmark after the battery change has become very easy to use, with UGCS rates lower than the competitive market.

• Increased protection of your flight: – Precision and protection become the topmost priority for missions of the landscape. The utilization of a pre-installed or more prominent DEM statistic, given by the UGCS software will indubitably help you. Synchronizing the permitted flight range and NO Fly Zones with the help of UGCS at prices affordable for a company to fly according to regulatory requirements.

The crucial attributes of UGCS for DJI: –

  • To set up a link with the desktop, UGCS plays the most crucial part.
    • With the help of them, you can upload planned and calculated missions from UGCS for desktop to DJI drones.
    • With the advantages of using them, you can begin uploading your mission in instinctive mode or manual.
    • You also have the alternatives of manual flight mode and flight stimulator that offer you the provision of controlling the drones right at your fingertips.
    • With the help of a full-fledged HD camera live viewing is also possible only with UGCS.
    • By this means the camera settings and controls are under your hand and you can capture photos and videos as per your will.
    • With the help of UGCS for DJI, you can reset your home position or command your vehicle to return to its home position.
    • Alongside inspecting telemetry data uses for DJI also supports metric and imperial units.

UGCS for desktop version: –

UGCS is the finest software to successfully plan and fly Drone Survey Missions. UGCS for DJI is particularly designed for central management of all sorts and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles. Therefore, you have the recourses to deal with one or a fleet of drones on a single mission in multi-platform environments and a multi-operator model.

Video Streaming With DGI: –

Video streaming DGI drones incorporated the following materials: –

1. UGCS Enterprise set-up in Windows OS computer with the following components:

• UGCS from the chief UGCS installer.

• The Video Server and video player of UGCS obtained from the UGCS video installer.

2. Android tablets with UGCS software for DGI.

In case, the windows computer/ laptop and the android mobile sets are in the similar WIFI network, then the automatic connection will take place between these components. Otherwise, manual configuration would be required.

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