How To Fix Samsung Phone Fast Battery Drain

How To Fix Samsung Phone Fast Battery Drain


Battery life on Samsung smartphones can occasionally be a problem. That may indicate a rapidly depleting Samsung phone battery, a problem that can occasionally occur even as the phone is being charged. Sometimes a battery has a problem. However, the settings and options chosen are frequently the cause of issues. Before purchasing a replacement, try our solutions if you require to fix Samsung phone battery drain.

Check the power you’re using

Your first port of call should be to check your battery usage. First, locate the “Settings” app and select “Battery and device care” from the list. When you choose “Battery,” a list of the apps that use the most power will appear.

After that, you can choose to uninstall the apps you don’t need. You can also see if the Google Play Store has any updates that address the battery drain problem.

Optimize to reduce battery drain on Samsung phones

Optimizing the battery is the second choice under “Battery and Device Care.”

The Samsung phone will check for excessive battery usage, fix app crashes, and shut down background apps when you tap the “Optimise Now” button.

Do you have an always-on display enabled?

The “Always On Display” option can use a lot of power by keeping the screen of your phone on all the time.

Activate the “Always On Display” toggle by going to “Settings > Lock Screen” and switching it off. If you need the always-on display feature for notifications, you can also set times for it, which will save battery life when you don’t need it.

Modify the refresh rate of the display

In order to extend battery life, Samsung phones with 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rates can be lowered to 60Hz. The smoothness will suffer, but it will allow you to go longer between charges if your Samsung phone’s battery is draining quickly.

Select “Standard” under “Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness.” See if this resolves your Samsung battery drain problems by tapping “Apply.”

Be sure to use a dependable charger

Always use a Samsung charger with their smartphone for best results. The battery drain is one problem that can be brought on by unauthorized chargers. To make sure that this isn’t the reason for your battery drain issue, it’s best to use a genuine Samsung charger.

To stop the battery on your Samsung phone from draining quickly, get a replacement.

The best course of action is to get a Samsung replacement battery from a smartphone repair shop if you have tried the solutions in this how-to guide. You can find out if the battery must be replaced or not by running a diagnostic test. A qualified installer can install a new battery if the smartphone does need one.

Speak with samsung repair auckland. We Fix All if your Samsung phone’s battery is rapidly depleting. Additionally, if your Samsung battery is draining even when it is off or not charging at all, we can help. As an outcome, we can resolve any problems you might be having with your Samsung battery.

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